Surewire Ltd is a family owned company operating in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. The pre-wired lighting electrical junction box concept was invented by Phillip Thompson, Director of Surewire Ltd. To help cut costs and under the supervision of a part P-electrician he completed the first fix wiring on my house renovation.  One of the most time consuming processes was wiring all the individual junction boxes to create the lighting circuit. He thought there must be a quicker and simpler way of doing this and started to put his ideas down on paper. The main concept of Surewire was created.

I’ve since become involved and used my background in Product Engineering to design and develop a premium product which offers many benefits at a lower total cost than any other wiring system. In 2011 & 2012 I worked on an evening in conjunction with my current employment and designed the Surewire products we offer today. All our savings, including some of my dad’s pension fund paid for patents, registered designs, trademarks, prototypes and BSI testing etc.

It’s been a very long road with many ups and downs which you wouldn’t believe to get this simple product to market.  All along the way we have stepped back from the product and designed it on how an electrician would want it and have not made it as small and as cheap as possible which is evident on many junction boxes on sale today, where there’s not enough access for an electrician to wire with ease.


We have tried to keep our supply base local. Some of our suppliers are family owned companies and companies which have hit hard times during the recession where some of their larger customers have moved manufacturing to low cost countries. Our suppliers have a wealth of knowledge and we want to be able to keep this knowledge and manufacturing expertise here in the UK. All our supplied parts with the exception of the terminal connectors are manufactured in the UK and the Surewire  electrical junction box is fully assembled and packaged at our facility in Huddersfield. Our plastics supplier is a social enterprise in Barnsley which provides work for people with disabilities, helping workers develop skills in manufacturing and assembly. We believe we have a good mix of suppliers, large and small and all have worked with us to produce a quality product we offer for electricians today.

If you’ve not used the Surewire system before then on your next large project or even just adding extra lighting or spotlights, give it a go and see how simple it is to install and how much time and money you save. Any comments you wish to send or recommendations for any future product enhancements are welcome and can be submitted on our contact us page.

We hope Surewire benefits all electricians and becomes the standard practice for wiring a lighting circuit.

Matthew Thompson
Surewire Ltd