Comparison Exercise

We have selected a standard room and illustrated the different downlight wiring systems. The 2 wiring systems shown are the:

  • Downlighter junction box wiring system
  • Surewire lighting spur wiring system

Click on the buttons below to see the various comparison diagrams.

Surewire Lighting Spur Wiring System
  • 6 downlighter junction boxes
  • 51 core connections
  • Wires cut to a variety of different lengths
  • Junction boxes and connections in various locations
Downlighter Junction Box Wiring System

Downlighter Junction Box System

When wiring downlights an open ended cable is laid at the position of each downlight. The electrician makes a hole within the ceiling, finds and pulls the cable through, splits the cable and wires both ends into the downlighter junction boxes. They then wire the downlights to the junction box before pushing the junction box into the ceiling cavity. They have to complete this process at each downlight working above their heads throughout.

With this method, all wiring is completed on the second fix.

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